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Planning to move down the block or across Texas? Be sure to contact All Star Moving Laborers for a FREE moving estimate and book your moving day.

Here's a little information to keep in mind as you're packing and getting ready for the big change in your life.If you are planning a move in the summer, you may wish to call our moving service a month in advance to ensure availability on your desired moving day. While we are located in the Permian Basin area, we do service help with moves throughout the state of Texas. 



Before Moving Day


Before Moving Day


Before Moving Day

  • Purchase moving boxes and packing supplies (boxes, tape, paper, markers and bubble wrap). Trash bags are also useful to discard any unwanted items.

  • Sort, discard and donate any unwanted items

  • Notify the post office

  • Notify doctors, dentists and any other health care providers

  • Pack fragile and loose items from drawers into moving boxes

  • Remove all permanently affixed items that you wish to take from walls and ceilings (drapes, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.).

  • To save time, please bring your boxes to the center of the room in short stacks. Breaking down furniture and disconnecting appliances helps shorten moving time, as well.

  • Change address with all newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals to which you subscribe.

  • Alert friends and family of new address.

  • Identify furniture that is fragile or has been weakened by previous damage and bring it to your movers’ attention on moving day.

  • Separate and mark items not intended to be moved by your movers.

  • Isolate keys, wallets, passports, phones and prescription medications. These items should travel with you in your personal vehicle on moving day.

  • Clear walkways and driveway during inclement weather.

  • Moving with All Star Moving Laborers makes the moving process much easier for our customers. Receive a quote today for your upcoming move by calling (432) 704-2373.

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